Course Availability

The tables below list courses with Middle East content that have been taught over the past several years. Courses that have been taught on a regular schedule in the past are more likely to be taught in the future. If a professor who has taught a course in the past leave Georgia State, the course might or might not be taught again in the future: ask an MEI adviser. If a course has not been taught recently enough to appear on this list you should not assume that it will be taught again in the future. Some intership, directed readings, independent study, thesis writing etc. classes are not listed but can be taken during any semester with the consent of your professor.


Course Crosslist Title  Spring ’14  Fall ’13  Spring ’13 Fall’12 Spring’12 Fall’11 Spring’11 Fall’10 Spring’10
AH 4010 MES 4510 Art of Ancient Egypt and Nubia
AH 4011/6011 MES 4511 Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt I: 4000-1600BC  Hartiwg Hartwig Hartiwg Hartwig Hartwig
AH 4012 MES 4512 Art an Architecture of Ancient Egypt II: 1600-31BC  Hartwig  Hartwig Hartwig Hartwig
AH 4020 MES 4520 Art/Architecture of Ancient Near East Staff
ARBC 4501 Classical Arabic Literature & Culture Cambell Campbell Campbell Campbell
ARBC 4502 Modern Arabic Literature in Translation  Campbell  Sinno Sinno Sinno Sinno
ARBC 4503 The Qur’an as Literature
GEOG 4408 MES 4310 Geography of the Middle East and North Africa Allensworth
HBRB 1001 Elementary Biblical Hebrew I  Broida Broida Cohen Eichenberg-Eilon
HBRB 1002 Elementary Biblical Hebrew II  Broida  Broida Cohen Eichenberg-Eilon
HBRB 2001 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew I
HBRM 1001 Elementary Modern Hebrew I  Broida Broida Cohen Eichenberg-Eilon
HBRM 1002 Elementary Modern Hebew II  Broida  Broida Cohen Eichenberg-Eilon Eichenberg-Eilon
HBRM 2001 Intermediate Modern Hebrew I  Broida Broida Eichenberg-Eilon
HBRM 2002 Intermediate Modern Hebrew II  Broida  Broida Eichenberg-Eilon Eichenberg-Eilon
HIST 3500 MES 3110 The Ancient Mediterranean Urquhart Urquhart Urquhart
HIST 3510 Medieval Mediterranean/Islam Fromherz
HIST 3515 North Africa to 1800 Fromherz
HIST 3790 MES 4120 The Middle East since 1800 Kurt Blumi
HIST 3780 MES 4110 The Middle East, 600 to 1800 Fromherz
HIST 4510 MES 4140 Origins and Collapse of Ancient Near Eastern Societies Urquhart Staff
HIST 4520 MES 4150 Ancient Persia, Greece, and Rome Urquhart Urquhart
HIST 4525 MES 4130 Word of Eastern Christianity (20-1300)
HIST 4805 MES 4160 Middle East and the Americas  Bobal
HIST 4815 MES 4170 Palestine & the Modern Middle East  McBath Blumi
JST 3000 MES 3710 Intro to Jewish Studies
POLS 4258 MES 4258 Government and Politics of South Asia Naim Naim
POLS 4260 MES 4210 Politics of the Middle East and North Africa  Herb  Herb Herb Herb Herb
POLS 4285 MES 4220 Politics and Religion in Comparative Perspective Naim
POLS 4423 Middle East in World Affairs Naim Naim
POLS 4952 MES 4230 Model Arab League  Naim  Naim  Naim Naim Naim Naim Naim Naim Naim
RELS 3400 MES 3400 Introduction to Judaism  Broida Broida
RELS 3500 MES 3500 Introduction to Islam  Barzegar  Barzegar Barzegar Barzegar
RELS 3520 MES 3520 Sufism and Islamic Mysticism
RELS 4450 MES 4420 Modern Judaism  Broida Eichenberg-Eilon
 RELS 4460 Judaism in the South  Broida
RELS 4480 MES 4430 Islamic Fundamentalism in the Modern World
RELS 4580 MES 4450 Life of Muhammad  Barzegar  Barzegar
 RELS 4570  MES 4440  Special Topics in Islam  Barzegar  Barzegar
WST 4840 Arab and Islamic Feminism
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