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Jeffrey Kinnier

Graduate Student

Jeffrey Kinnier is pursuing his PhD in World History at Georgia State University, following a career in the global supply chain/logistics profession. Jeff’s goal is to become an accomplished researcher and independent writer, with a focus on the latter 20th century’s diverse seaport development paths throughout the western Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf world, extending to the Horn of Africa. Beyond seaports, Jeff is interested in the impact of trade and economy, diplomacy, the environment, labor markets and interactions among the substantial and diverse populations in this neighborhood. Of particular fascination and viewed from the world history paradigm, are the nonalignment movement of these decades, globalization, free-fair-sustainable trade, technology, and the impacts of Global North and South interactions. Jeff’s academic and professional credentials include a BA in History/Education from Manhattan College, an MBA in International Management from the University of Baltimore, and a Lifetime CSCP – Certified Supply Chain Professional -APICS designation.

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