Study Abroad

Study abroad is an integral part of learning about the Middle East. Nothing replaces going to the region and experiencing the language and culture directly. MESC students have studied at universities in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, the West Bank, Israel and Turkey.

If you have questions regarding GSU study abroad programs, please contact Dr. Allen Fromherz. For questions about Turkish or Hebrew study abroad, please contact your advisor.



Middle East Studies Center – Sponsored

Marvels of Medieval Rome (with focus on Rome and North Africa)
Dr. Allen Fromherz. MES 4750 and HIST 4890 or 8890.

Turkey GSU Turkey and the Middle East
Rashid Naim and Abbas Barzegar. See more information.


Previous Maymesters

In Maymester 2011 the MESC sponsored a study abroad trip to the lower Gulf and another trip to southern Spain, focusing on the Islamic history of Spain.

If you wish to view and read about the experiences of students on the Marvels of Medieval Spain trip please click here to view its website.

In the Maymester of 2012, the MESC sponsored a study abroad trip to the lower Gulf, Arabia: Gateway to the World, and one to Turkey, Turkey and the Middle East.

Please click here to view the website for the Gulf trip: Arabia: Gateway to the World.

Click here to view GSU study abroad programs.

Click here to view USG study abroad programs.

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